Transportation Bonanza Screensaver

Transportation Bonanza Screensaver

Free screensaver of amazing vehicles so get behind the wheel and enjoy the ride

Can you imagine ancient times when people had to travel on foot to any place they wanted to go? Many people like to make comments about how wonderful the invention of the wheel was. It was something that changed our life forever. And, after the wheel, all kinds of different transportation methods started to appear. From a simple two-wheeled cart to modern trains, cars and even aircraft. Transportation Bonanza Screensaver takes you on a journey through history of transport.

This unique screensaver will make you appreciate the modern means of transportation. You will be able to see 16 high-quality photographs of vehicles. But it is not only cars; you will see images of mighty airplanes, antique cars, enormous ships and even the well-known space shuttle. The images are just great. They capture the essence of the different modes of transportation available in these modern times. You will be able to imagine how it would feel to travel in one of those vehicles, shortening the time required to move from one place to another.

I was surprised, and at the same time delighted, when a picture of an old wooden cart was shown. It reminded me of how something so simple has evolved to the modern marvels that we are now so familiar with, and that many people take for granted without stopping to think about the wonderful inventions they use.

Transportation Bonanza Screensaver is a complete tour of the history of transportation. You will surely enjoy watching it for a long time, and your friends and colleagues will definitely want to stand next to your computer, making comments and remembering their own vehicles.

Fernando Soni
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